Before: Pork Ribs

A “Before” picture of my pork ribs before I sealed them up and put them into the fridge to take in all the flavours overnight.

Crushed garlic, grated ginger, hoisin sauce, olive oil, soy sauce, honey, tomato sauce and a bit of tabasco make up the marinade.┬áThe original recipe that I have based this off can be found here. I’m sticking to Asian-inspired flavours, surprise surprise, but I absolutely love these flavours.

I have to admit that I didn’t really measure anything – I just put in very rough estimates of the measurements from the recipe and spent about half an hour adding and tasting to get the balance of saltiness, sweetness and spiciness right. Fingers crossed that it turns out good!

Going to start prepping to cook them soon so hopefully by dinner time the meat will be falling off the bone. Have I mentioned that I’m also making snapper, chicken wings and roast potatoes? Hell, I better get started then…