Caramelised Onion Tart

Onions are something I’ve never really appreciated fully until I started cooking with them and even though I’ve come to enjoy them a lot more nowadays, I would have never thought to try my hand at an onion tart had it not been for the melt-in-your-mouth sweet onion tart entree that I had earlier this month at a wedding. Remembering how indifferent I felt upon reading it on the menu and how pleasantly surprised I was with it when it landed in front of me, I wanted to make an attempt at my own onion tart.

I roughly followed a recipe I found online: I made a few variations, including:

  • I made 4 mini tarts instead of one big one
  • Subsequently, I didn’t follow the way the pastry was lined in the recipe
  • I also added a bit of sugar when caramelising the onions
  • I added cheese in first and then topped it with onions before I popped the tarts into the oven

Overall my attempt came out alright; some onions were more caramelised than others but the taste wasn’t bad at all. I had wilted spinach seasoned with salt, pepper and sesame oil to go with it.