The Story

Up until recently, I was never known to do any sort of cooking whatsoever. Ask any of my close friends and family about my repeated attempts at trifle-making and you’ll hear stories of varying severity, describing my absolute lack of ability to even make custard properly without churning out a gooey, lumpy mess.

Times have changed though and I have gotten a lot smarter in the kitchen. I’m not sure if this is a result of the countless episodes of MasterChef, Top Chef, My Kitchen Rules and various other cooking shows that I love watching or if it’s because of all the cooking books that I’ve been gifted (a genuine thanks goes out to everyone who has ever bought me a cookbook, by the way!) but for me now, cooking is an absolute pleasure not only because I can produce something that is actually edible but also because I understand it so much better.

I may not be conversant with the jargon and techniques yet but I learn from watching, reading and experimenting. I think one of my first successful dishes was chilli garlic prawns, which were devoured in about the same time that they took me to prepare and cook. From then on, it’s only really been an uphill ascent in terms of my love for cooking and creating food that’s tasty and which people love. What I love the most though, is that cooking is as much about the feeling, improvisation and creativity as it is about the skills and knowledge about what you’re cooking.

I’m looking forward to the opportunity to try out new recipes and improve on tested ones. Here’s hoping I lose the reputation of being a hopeless cook and gain one that’s significantly more positive!