My Inspiration: Carly & Emily from My Kitchen Rules

If anyone had any contact with me whatsoever in the latter half of this year they would know that I was completely obsessed with this season of My Kitchen Rules. I don’t really know what it was but I would miss going to the gym and grumble about having to go to dance practice, which I am normally super excited about, just so I could indulge in the tension, elation and drama that ensued on the show.

Of all the teams, my favourites to win were Carly & Emily, the sisters from Victoria with mixed Chinese and Australian ethnicity, which was reflected so well in their cooking. The biggest reason I supported them was because I related very well to many of the ingredients that they used and the subsequent dishes they created. Everything they made seemed to be the right level of fusion between Asian and Western-styles and their ability to perform under pressure was inspirational to watch.

Sadly, they were eliminated before the final but they really deserved to get there. Their talent with food, tenacity and drive for perfection have made them an incredible inspiration for me.