I feel like chicken tonight, like chicken tonight

Have I ever written about my 2-month exchange to Germany? Probably. But, I’ll mention it again. In 2004 I stayed with a German family in Baden-Württemberg as part of a school exchange after their daughter, Stephi, came to NZ and lived at my place for 2 months. Her and her family offered me a lifetime’s worth of experiences and fond memories, for which I will always have my door open to them should they ever venture to this part of the world, or wherever part of the world I may end up in the future.

My eyes and mind broadened with my first dazzling experiences of musical theatre, the bustling glühwein-scented air of German Christmas markets and the magical walk up to Schloss Neuschwanstein where I experienced my first beautiful and delicate snow fall.

It was also the first time I had cornflakes-coated cordon bleu and I remember telling myself that one day, I would learn how to master that amazing coat of crunchy goodness.

While I’m on the topic of German food, German bread is so, so, SO good. If you’re hanging around in the south of Germany, you should make the effort to source out your nearest Fidelisbäck bakery. The smell itself will have you wading in puddles of drool.

Back to the chicken – fast forward 9 years (9 years!!!!?!?!?) and you have me gleefully bashing up 4 cups of cornflakes with a rolling pin in preparation for coating 30 little pieces of chicken nibbles. There’s plenty of recipes out there for cornflake-coated, oven-baked chicken and the one I chose to use was, surprise surprise, by one of the teams who competed on My Kitchen Rules this season.

I upped the amount of cornflakes I used since I had heaps more chicken to work with, I added some additional seasoning (“Roast chicken” seasoning from Masterfoods) and it also took much longer to cook and brown up (about 50 minutes as opposed to 20 in the original recipe). I did have some trouble with getting enough cornflake mix to stick to the pieces but they turned out exceptionally crunchy anyway and they were cooked perfectly to that meat-falling-off-the-bone type state. They probably needed some kind of creamy dipping sauce but I hadn’t thought much past getting the chicken right. One step at a time!

Photo: Tao Lin

Photo: Tao Lin

Photo: Tao Lin

Photo: Tao Lin


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