Panna cotta fail

“It’s like cold custard, no, porridge. It tastes like porridge.”

– My boyfriend of my attempt at panna cotta last night.

So my green tea and vanilla panna cotta wasn’t the best dessert I’ve ever made mostly because the consistently was completely off. I read here that panna cotta is meant to have the “quiver of a 17th century courtesan’s inner thigh”. Mine was more like the thighs of a heptathlete.

I followed Jamie Oliver’s recipe for green tea and vanilla panna cotta, which, might I add, is actually a really lovely combination of flavors, but instead of using gelatin, I opted for agar agar. It’s obviously not used in the same amounts as gelatin and from some research, I’ve found that agar agar sets quicker and stronger than gelatin. I used 1/2 teaspoon of agar agar and I think that was too much, given that it started setting before I’d even put it into the ramekins (I don’t actually know if that was the real reason it set so quickly but just hazarding a guess).

The taste was fine but the consistency did sort of resemble porridge. I’ve had panna cotta once and it was really smooth, whereas my one was a bit grainy.

Anyway, no pictures because it looked crap. I’ll try it again soon and hopefully get it right…

2 thoughts on “Panna cotta fail

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