Chocolate fondant that will probably just turn out to be cake

Has it really only been something like 3 months since I first started my postgrad course? It feels like it’s been much longer given how much work we’ve all had to complete over the past couple of weeks. Today was the last day of the first semester and I felt a small wave of relief as I walked away from uni having handed in my last assessment.

Alas, as I sprawled myself over the floor of my living room, I realised that I had in fact stuffed it up. Not majorly, but considering how simple it was, it really annoyed the hell out of me. I’ll have to sort it out at some point but right now, I’m just hoping my dark chocolate fondants turn out alright when I go to bake them.

I went to a Japanese-fusion restaurant, Ebisu, a while ago with my boyfriend and parents and I had my first chocolate fondant (the Feature Image). It was served with cherry compote, vanilla miso and macademia nut ice cream, all of which tasted fantastic.

The only things I knew about fondant before this meal was that it’s baked so it’s cake on the outside and melted chocolate on the inside, and it’s really crucial to get the middle gooey, otherwise Masterchef/My Kitchen Rules/Top Chef judges will be incredibly disappointed.

Based on this understanding, the fondant I had at Ebisu would have really “wowed” the judges. Unfortunately, based on how my own  mixture turned out just now, my chocolate fondant will probably turn out more like cake. The mixture looked more like mousse – oops!

Anyway, I (kind of) followed this recipe. Outcome to follow later…


One thought on “Chocolate fondant that will probably just turn out to be cake

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