Paella planning for tomorrow…and perhaps a little procrastination

It’s Queen’s Birthday tomorrow and a public holiday invariably means some serious time devoted to cooking. I’ve decided to have a go at paella and frankly, I’m a little apprehensive. Okay, a lot apprehensive.

The thing is, when I was in Barcelona, I had amazing paella and I’m afraid I’ll ruin that experience by making something completely subpar. Also, paella always seems to have a lot of ingredients in it and I have a tendency to balk when the ingredients list gets too long.

In my meticulous research, I came across what seems to be a really helpful post packed with paella-cooking tips: I found it when I Googled “when you don’t have a paella pan” and after reading through it, I feel much better about tomorrow; at the very least I have some handy tips to refer to!

Alright, now onto the study, says she, grudgingly…


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