Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

I celebrated Mother’s Day yesterday because of a number of inconveniences with Sundays and I tried out my first lemon syrup cake.

Thank goodness it was an easy recipe.

By the time I got around to making the cake, I had already spent the majority of my day making ribs and I wanted to get the cake in the oven while we were all eating dinner. My dad made sweet and sour fish and along with the ribs, I didn’t want it all to go cold.

So on I rushed with the cake – so rushed in fact that I didn’t bother letting the butter soften and tried to cream it with the sugar while it was still rock solid. Add eggs to that and cue lumpy mixture that looked like vomit.

With the help of my boyfriend, I very quickly whipped up a second mixture and popped that into the oven.

The recipe I used wasn’t the one I posted in my previous post but it’s pretty similar. You can find it here.

The result? Pretty decent – my mum really enjoyed it, which is the main thing. It did lack something which I can’t quite put my finger on and which was definitely present in the cake I tried that inspired me to bake a lemon cake in the first place. However, it turned out really light, fluffy and moist.

Funnily, it was the kind of texture I had spent so long trying to perfect in my sponge cake attempts – and which I failed to achieve. I think it’s because I used self-raising flour in this lemon cake recipe whereas I tried to be clever and make my own cake flour with the sponge cake recipes. Sometimes it really is simple that’s best.


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