Not really how the crumble crumbles

When I was going through a relationship breakup, my baker-extraordinaire friend made me lots of berry crumble – with extra crumble. For me, it’s a great comfort food without nearly as much of the guilt. After looking through some recipes, it seemed fairly straightforward – and it was – but I did make quite a few mistakes.

Firstly, the recipe I used can be found here:

As well as Granny Smith apples, I also quartered some dark plums I found hiding in my fridge.


While I was cutting up the plums I took my attention away from the apples in the pot and I ended up overcooking them so much that most of it ended up as a puree. I didn’t have any more apples so I just went on with grudgingly “tossing” the cinnamon and sugar through it.

Although I don’t like too much sugar in my desserts, I was definitely too light-handed with this one. Both the apples and the plums were very tart and I didn’t balance that enough with the amount of sugar I put in.

The crumble itself didn’t taste bad but it wasn’t crunchy enough. My friend usually crushes up some wine biscuits and scatters that over the top and I think I’ll do that next time as well. What I did find good was adding some chopped walnuts in, which added texture and a nice nutty taste.

Overall, my attempt was edible but definitely needed more love and care!


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