One of those blow-your-mind type of creations

So, a few years ago when I went to Europe, Italy was probably at the top of my favourites list for a number of reasons, one of them being the food. Lovely light pizza, beautiful pasta and amazing, fresh gelato. I think if I had more time I would have happily just sat at the Trevi Fountain eating gelato all day.

Since then I’ve had my fair share of gelato back in New Zealand but only two places so far have really made me think, “Wow, now this is gelato”.  The first is Valentinos Gelato and the other is Giapo.

They’re both a bit different – I see Valentinos as a bit more traditional while Giapo head chef Gianpaolo Grazioli creates stuff like this.

If you’re too lazy to click on the link, it’s a picture of Mr Grazioli’s latest creation (assuming it’s his latest since he posted that up on Twitter only a couple of hours ago) – burger macarons with a chocolate patty, white chocolate cheddar slice, ketchup raspberry and lettuce mint leaf.

Forget how confused your brain gets when you try to imagine how it tastes compared with how it looks – how AMAZING does that burger macaron sound? Or am I easily impressed (I don’t think so)…


Not really how the crumble crumbles

When I was going through a relationship breakup, my baker-extraordinaire friend made me lots of berry crumble – with extra crumble. For me, it’s a great comfort food without nearly as much of the guilt. After looking through some recipes, it seemed fairly straightforward – and it was – but I did make quite a few mistakes.

Firstly, the recipe I used can be found here:

As well as Granny Smith apples, I also quartered some dark plums I found hiding in my fridge.


While I was cutting up the plums I took my attention away from the apples in the pot and I ended up overcooking them so much that most of it ended up as a puree. I didn’t have any more apples so I just went on with grudgingly “tossing” the cinnamon and sugar through it.

Although I don’t like too much sugar in my desserts, I was definitely too light-handed with this one. Both the apples and the plums were very tart and I didn’t balance that enough with the amount of sugar I put in.

The crumble itself didn’t taste bad but it wasn’t crunchy enough. My friend usually crushes up some wine biscuits and scatters that over the top and I think I’ll do that next time as well. What I did find good was adding some chopped walnuts in, which added texture and a nice nutty taste.

Overall, my attempt was edible but definitely needed more love and care!

Tonight for dessert…

And once again I have left it far too long between posts – happy Easter though!

Uni has been hectic but I’ve finally caught up on some sleep and had a bit of breather this long weekend. What’s great is I’ve still got one more day off – to do uni work, of course.

I’ve stopped with the cookie-baking for now and I plan to try out this apple crumble recipe tonight:

Mmmmm, crumble….

Stay tuned to see how it turns out!