Amazing sushi rice recipe

After so many years of eating countless rolls of sushi, I think that one of the most important components is the rice and how it tastes. I’ve just spent a good part of my afternoon making sushi (more on that experience later!) and I made a point of getting the rice right. Luckily, I came across an awesome sushi rice recipe:

Unfortunately I didn’t have any short grain rice or sushi rice so I mixed together jasmine rice and glutinous rice (approximately 1.5 cups of jasmine with half a cup of glutinous – I kind of just guessed). That might sound horrific and laughable but after following the cooking instructions exactly, it turned out surprisingly good.

The taste of the vinegar mix was fantastic and spot on with some of the better sushi I’ve had and I finally got to put the hand fan I bought from China to good use!

Sushi rice 2

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