Losing count of Christmas celebrations…

Roasted Christmas veges

It’s been a wee while since I last posted anything and I currently feel like passing out from food coma-ness/fatigue but I had to post this up: my first attempt at roast veges.

That might seem a bit strange for some people but roast veges are wholly non-existent in my house because we almost always choose to stir fry our greens. Today, however, was my annual Christmas dinner with my girl friends and I was tasked with roasting the veges. I chose:

  • Kumara i.e. sweet potato (1 really large one cubed)
  • Potatoes (2x cubed)
  • Courgette (1x halved lengthways and then cubed)
  • 1x red bell pepper
  • 1x green bell pepper

I tossed this with some dried thyme (better to use fresh but I was running late so couldn’t stop by the supermarket), salt, pepper and olive oil. I placed 4 cloves of garlic, each crushed once with the flat side of the knife with the skin on, on top right before it went into the oven.

The temperature of the oven was probably around 200 degrees celsius on fan bake and it took around an hour or so. The main thing for me was to keep checking it and tossing it throughout the time that it was cooking. It was all pretty straightforward and it turned out just fine. Next time I would probably forgo the peppers as they did go a bit soggy and I wasn’t a huge fan. Also, not enough flavour!!

Ah well, more Christmas cooking to come – only 9 days to go!

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