Winning best wedding cake so far

I was at the wedding of one of my friends from primary school this weekend and boy, there was a lot of food. All up, I think there were 13 dishes if you counted the cake as a dish. Speaking of the cake, I was very happy, but not surprised, to see that it was “Asian” cake: light, fluffy sponge decorated beautifully with some sort of cream(?) and other cake stuff that I don’t understand. I think wedding cake has a pretty average reputation for it being more about the aesthetics than the taste i.e. too much fondant or icing of some sort, generally chocolate flavoured cake and generally pretty average tasting/dry/too heavy/too rich.

Out of the small handful of weddings that I’ve been to so far, this wedding cake comes out on top because it not only looked pretty but was actually entirely edible as well. Even after all that food, I still managed to eat a slice of cake, fit in two other desserts AND walk quite comfortably out of the restaurant at the end of the night. I was definitely¬†at the gym the next morning though!


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